Board Meetings

2013 SIAP September Board Meeting

The following is the Minutes of SIAP Board of Directors’ meeting on 09/05/2013:

Meeting Date: Sep 05, 2013
Location: Yahoo Center Community Room

Subject: 2013 SIAP September Board Meeting

Members present:

Hashem Modjarrab……….SIAP inspector and account holder
Sevana Sardarian…………SIAP member
Azita Rezvan……………..SIAP president
Nooshin Akbarpour………SIAP treasurer
Iraj Yamin-Esfandiary……SIAP board secretary

Meeting Chair: Nooshin Akbarpour
Meeting Secretary: Iraj Yamin-Esfandiary

Items discussed:

Hashem’s report in regard to SIAP tax status:

q An accredited accountant needs $350 to filing SIAP yearly tax.
q Mr. Ramineh and Mr. Noakhtar are asked for estimates.
q Scope of works:
Franchise tax board
Short form filing for fiscal year
Federal tax form
Application for federal
q SIAP 2012 tax forms should be filed.
q SIAP city tax is waived.

Membership Committee:

q September 31, 2013 is set as the deadline to preparing the application form.

Dinner with SIAP:

q Hashem orders food for the event
q Iraj prepares a questioner regarding SIAP activities to be sent to guests prior to the event.