Board Meetings

2013 SIAP May Board Meeting

The following is the Minutes of SIAP Board of Directors’ meeting on 05/02/2013:

Meeting Date: May 02, 2013
Location: Yahoo Center Community Room

Subject: 2013 SIAP May Board Meeting

Members present:

Azita Rezvan, Ashraf Hemati, Iraj Yamin Esfandiari, Nooshin Akbarpour, Zohreh Sadeghi, Sima Haghighi, Bijan Armandpour, Grigor Daneshvar, Mohammad Gharavi, Hashem Modjarrab, Shahram Shokufandeh, Abdi Ziai

Meeting Chair: Azita Rezvan
Meeting Secretary: Nooshin Akbarpour

Items discussed:

Agenda items in order of discussion were as follows:
1. Events Committee Report
Monthly events schedule was reported as follows (Iraj);
1.1 May (date not determined), Mr. Behrokh Khoshnevis;
1.2 May 23, Ms. Maja Manojlovic;
1.3 June 27, Mr. Lawrence;
1.4 June (date not determined), Mr. Mahmood Karimzadeh;
1.5 July 25, Mr. Amir Daghigh;
1.6 Aug. (date not determined), Ms. Azita Rezvan;
1.7 Sept. 26 (last Thursday of the month), SIAP annual dinner;
1.8 Oct. (date not determined), Ms. Talin Grigor;
1.9 Nov. (date not determined), Mr. Iraj Yamin Esfandiari;
1.10 Nov. (date not determined), SIAP elections.
1.11 Place events schedule on SIAP website calendar of events (Azita);
1.12 Organize joint events with AIA with emphasis on lighting design (e.g., LED technology, DMF lighting, Michael Gehring Architectural Lighting) (Bijan);
1.13 Provide outside vendors and members with the opportunity to sponsor monthly events (Shahram).
The issue of devising guidelines for sponsorship of monthly events was discussed and the following resolution was adopted by the Board.
THE RESOLUTION: Sponsorship fee for monthly events to be set at $150.00 for nonmembers and outside vendors, and at $120.00 for SIAP members; business cards and leaflets related to building industry can be displayed by sponsors, refreshments to be provided by SIAP.
The resolution was based on a motion by Azita, seconded by Ashraf and passed by unanimous vote.
2. Membership Committee Report
Updating member’s list and membership application format were briefly discussed.
3. Outreach Committee Report
3.1 It was mentioned that a Radio Iran announcement regarding SIAP activities was scheduled to be aired on May 1st (Azita). Board was advised that the announcement has aired and been heard by some associates (Iraj);
3.2 Issue of AIA provider status was discussed (Bijan). Bijan reported that he has contacted AIA regarding this matter, has been informed that the Southwest regional list is open, has submitted the initial form and is waiting for AIA’s response.
4. Future Agenda Items
4.1 Budget forecast;
4.2 Committee reports for research, website, sketch, education, and professional networking committees.