Board Meetings

SIAP 2016 March Board meeting

The following is the Minutes of SIAP Board of Directors’ meeting on 03/03/2016:

Meeting Date: Mar 03, 2016
Location: Colorado Center Community Room

Subject: Meeting Minutes 3

Members present:

Board Members present:
Ailin Ghaemi
Nazanin Kargosha
Mehdi Rezvan
Ghazal Shokoufandeh
Ehsan Jelveh Moghadam
Saman Zand Karimi
Amir Daghigh
Bijan Armandpour

Non Board Members:
Ashraf Hemmati
Abdi Ziai
Iraj Yamin-Esfandiary
Sima Haghighi

Chair Person: Bijan Armandpour
Secretary: Ailin Ghaemi

Items discussed:

1. Ghasemi flyer for March 10 event
– Bijan suggested the flyer to be designed and finalized by Ehsan & Saman,
– Iraj suggested that the flyer to include both English & Farsi writing,
– All members agreed.

2. Nowruz discussion- participants in the discussion: Bijan, Hamid Reza, Iraj, Sima
– The graphic work is prepared,
– Final setup presented by previously assigned members of Nowruz committee,
– Ticket price to be $75 for all,
– Music to be D.J. and not live,
– Catering by “Farsi Café”

3. Website discussion-
– Amir recommended that we must involve Majid Falamaki for technical support and suggestions,
– Bijan indicated that using a template offered by “Wix” may be an option to save time,
– Mehdi suggested that we all review and perform research regarding desirable similar websites so we ca finalize our design accordingly. He also indicated that pre-designed templates may have undesirable limitations,
– Hamid Reza indicated that he will inquire some fee quotes from his friend,
– Iraj opposed the change and believed that it will be unnecessary.
The board members votes unanimously for the change of SIAP website due to the advancement of technology and many new options and features that will be possible with a new website.

4. Upcoming events- Ali Kiafar (Educational Facility Program), Gary McGavin (Earthquake), SOM president presentation regarding LA Court House Design
– Bijan to follow up with Kiafar and McGavin,
– Amir to follow up with SOM.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 p.m.