Board Meetings

2013 SIAP June Board Meeting

The following is the Minutes of SIAP Board of Directors’ meeting on 06/06/2013:

Meeting Date: Jun 06, 2013
Location: Yahoo Center Community Room

Subject: 2013 SIAP June Board Meeting

Members present:

Mohammad Gharavi, Sima Haghighi, Azita Rezvan, Hashem Modjarrab, Iraj Yamin Esfandiary, Ashraf Hemati, Nooshin Akbarpour, Abdi Ziai, Zohreh Sadeghi

Meeting Chair: Ashraf Hemati
Meeting Secretary: Sima Haghighi

Items discussed:

1-­‐ A draft of the new SIAP application discussed in the meeting. There was a suggestion to keep the current application with a few changes. The membership committee has to meet and fix the application by June 20. Since recently new members have joined the SIAP, membership committee also should add them to the members webpage and ask them to send a picture plus a short bio.
2-­‐ The treasurer reported on SIAP budget up to May 2013 date. The SIAP income comes from the membership and Norouz party and mostly expenses are for Norouz party and meeting refreshments. According to the treasurer’s financial report, the remaining money in the SIAP account is very limited and does not let us to plan for any extra activities.
3-­‐ It suggested that SIAP should plan to make money. One of the suggestions was field trips for visiting buildings, the other one was asking the organizations which contribute to cultural NPOs and NGOs. It was asked present members to bring ideas and suggestions for the next meeting.
4-­‐ Hashem Modjarrab announced the issue of the SIAP state tax which had not been paid from 2006 and since SIAP did not have any accountant, no one had followed the case. There was a suggestion for employing a professional accountant rather than asking for free help from Shawn. However Hashem should talk to him this time and fill out the forms. He was appointed to report to the SIAP for the next meeting.
5-­‐ Issues on SIAP tax right now are on Hashem as the SIAP bookkeeper, however there was suggested by Azita to appoint the responsibility to a board member such as treasurer.
The meeting finished at 9:30 pm.