Board Meetings

SIAP 2016 July Board meeting

The following is the Minutes of SIAP Board of Directors’ meeting on 07/07/2016:

Meeting Date: Jul 07, 2016
Location: Colorado Center Community Room

Subject: Meeting Minutes 6

Members present:

Board Members present:
Ailin Ghaemi
Nazanin Kargosha
Soudeh bangian
Mehdi Rezvan
Ehsan Jelveh Moghadam
Amir Daghigh
Bijan Armandpour

Non Board Members:
Sima Haghighi
Hamid Reza Dehghan
Ali Jafari

Chair Person: Bijan Armandpour
Secretary: Ailin Ghaemi

Items discussed:

1. July 14th event for Kalantari ‘s work presented by Mo Borghei and Iraj Esfandiari
– Flyers was prepared by Iraj Esfandiari and modified by Mehdi
– Bijan notified the members that he had received a call from Borghei regarding the cancellation of the event
2. July 28th event for Zaha Hadid ‘s work presented by a few of our members including Shahram Shokoufandeh, Iraj Esfandiari, and Ali Jafari
– Preparation for the event is in progress and flyer specific information will be provide to the Board
3. Website design
– Mehdi provided the progress of the design and his latest meeting with Mohsen Ahangarani, the website designer
– Mehdi requested that other Board Members to conduct their independent research regarding the specific design elements for different pages of the website.
– Once all design details are provided to Mehdi and Ehsan, they will coordinate the work with the website designer. One week time was assigned for the above research
– Bijan indicated that the agreement has been signed and sent to the designer along with the down payment
4. SIAP Architectural Competition
– Ali Jafari had developed the concept and presented a comprehensive handout outlining all aspects of his proposed concept for SIAP to establish a competition program
– The proposal includes the following:
 A designated sponsor
 An approved advisor
 Comprehensive program and rules of design
 Qualified Jury and Jury agreement
– The Board Members unanimously approved the concept and asked Ali Jafari to prepare additional information for the next Board meeting

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 p.m.