Board Meetings

SIAP 2016 Jan Board meeting

The following is the Minutes of SIAP Board of Directors’ meeting on 01/28/2016:

Meeting Date: Jan 28, 2016
Location: Colorado Community Center

Subject: Meeting Minutes 2

Members present:

Board Members present:
Ailin Ghaemi
Soudeh Bangian
Nazanin Kargosha
Ghazal Shokoufandeh
Ehsan Jelveh Moghadam
Saman Zand Karimi
Amir Daghigh
Bijan Armandpour

Non Board Members:
Hamid Reza Dehghan
Abdi Ziai
Iraj Yamin-Esfandiary
Sima Haghighi
Pouya Goodarzi

Chair Person: Bijan Armandpour
Secretary: Ailin Ghaemi

Items discussed:

Items discussed:

1. Quick review on last meeting on January 7, 2016;
2. Review all flyer designs regarding Farrokh Sabouri lecture and choose one among them;
3. General Discussion regarding the specifics of the flyers;
4. The media committee members to be in charge of unifying design and possibly providing a template to be used for all flyers. Board members will review the designs during the next meeting;
5. Hamidreza Dehghan presented a brief review of education committee activities;
6. Bijan recommended pursuing the event of Book Review suggesting “Modern Man” by “Anthony Flint”. A comprehensive research about Le Corbusier personal and professional life;
7. Milestones of the year 2016:
a. Bijan to follow up the collaboration between SIAP and AIA
b. Saman to establish Software Workshop including 3D Max and Photo Shop. Saman will be in charge of the 2 said software programs
c. Pouya to be in charge of Revit software and its related group
d. Possibility of establishing Fund Raising Committee. All members agreed on the importance of fund raising activities
8. Nowruz discussion: details of the event were discussed thoroughly and it was concluded and voted unanimously to conduct the event with the below specifics:
a. Date of event to be April 1, 2016
b. Location to be Santa Monica Bay Women’s Club
c. Catering by “Farsi Café”
d. Music to be live band- Sima and Hamid Reza to attend a performance by the proposed group and decide
e. Ticket price to be $75:00
f. Provide a hired guard for the outside of the club
g. Inquire insurance terms

9. Media Committee to provide information for preparing the flyer for Nowruz and the new website design as discussed in the previous meeting. It was also discussed and agreed to post SIAP information in “Instagram”.
10. Sending invoices to our previous members is very important. Iraj and Ailin will follow up with members and send necessary invoices. It was also discussed and agreed that membership fee and applicants’ resume should become a necessity on our website regarding enrollment for new members and renewal of membership as well.
11. Pouya suggested that we should hold SIAP events on last Thursdays of the month and Board Meetings on the first Thursday of the month.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.