Board Meetings

 January 13, 2011 Board Meeting

The following is the Minutes of SIAP Board of Directors’ meeting on 01/14/2011:

Meeting Date: Jan 14, 2011
Location: Yahoo Center

Subject: Meeting #1

Members present:

Sam Azadi
Mohammad Borghei
Mahshid Ehteshami
Pari Ghaemian
Sima Haghighi
David Hedvat
Ashraf Hemmati
Hashem Mojarrab
Goli Sabet
Sevana Sardarian
Rosemary Shokoufandeh
Shahram Shokoufandeh
Iraj Yamin-Esfandiary
Abdi Ziai

Items discussed:

Items Discussed:

1- Architect Dariush Safaee gave the 2011 membership check to Ms. Sima Haghighi

2- Majid Flamaki has both keys for the SIAP mail box. One of which should be given to Abdi..

3- Abdi stated that he needs 2 volunteers for Rules and Regulation committee.

4- Shahram informed that Arch. Saee’s lecture for SIAP is booked for January 20 and Arch. Goshaieshi’s lecture is booked for January 27, 2011. These schedules are approved by event committee.

5- Iraj stated that a panel of Architects should be formed if Arch. Goshaieshi’s lecture is in continuation of his last year lecture and if this is a new lecture no panel is needed.

6- Shahram informed that last year event committee had created some form letters for invitations and Thank you or appreciation from the lecturers and suggested that the new event committee coordinator obtains this letters for their invitations or to create new ones.

7- Hashem stated that the board should nominate the Secretary and the Treasurer.

Among the duties of the secretary is to write the meeting minutes. Hashem requested that the secretary e-mails the typed minutes to board members who were present at that meeting for review and comment and after final corrections issue to SIAP website the same as it was done in 2010.

8- Abdi suggested that each committee member, select the name of their committee.

9- The 2010 president of SIAP, Arch. Shahram Shokoufandeh officially passed the board to the 2011 board members that were elected by SAP members in December 2010.

10- Abdi had already e-mailed the board members the Framework of Activities and distributed 2 copies among present members.

11- Mahshid, the 2010 SIAP Secretary, questioned if the board needed her notebook. The board stated that the submitted and issued meeting minutes are the only document needed by SIAP. No other notes are going to be considered official by the board.

12- Mahshid the 2010 SIAP Secretary, Submitted the “Permit Business Entity Detail” which was issued by “Debra Brown” to Abdi for follow up and the 2011election paperwork.

13- Members of the Nowruz committee are Ashraf, Hashem, Sima and Goli. The Nowruz committee has already started the legwork for selection of the party place and the food provider.

– Iraj stated that when the location is decided the date can be established.

– Hashem said at this time we have made reservation for different dates at Annenberg.

– Ashraf the head of the Nowruz committee is going to ask the SIAP members to suggest to her any location they feel is adequate for Nowruz celebration.

– Nowruz committee should inform the board the date and location of the Nowruz celebration within the next 2 weeks.

14- Iraj suggested that Mahshid to be the head of the Nowruz card committee. This committee should provide the entry information, the size of the cards etc.

15- Pari suggested that the committees make their own decisions “within the SIAP Bylaws” and the board only gives deadlines for those decisions.

– Sima asked how much authority committees have.

Abdi stated that one if the goals of the board in 2010 was to establish the work and authorities of the committees and in continuation of that effort the committees have full authority “within the SIAP Bylaws” same as last year.

16- Abdi suggested that the committee members instead of gathering in one location can communicate with each other with a conference call.

17- The board officers are appointed unanimously per following:

– Abdi, Goli, Sevana, Rosy and David are the main officers Sima and Sam are those appointed as substitutes.

– The 2011 treasurer is David Hedvat

– The 2011 Secretary is Rosemary Shokoufandeh

18- Iraj stated that the person that handles the most duties is the Secretary.

All documents, financial Report are to be submitted to the Secretary. The Secretary is the keepers of all the SIAP documents.

Hashem stated that the secretary is the “Protector” and the “Safe Keeper” of the SIAP. The Secretary is the most responsible person of the corporation.

19- Abdi stated that this year the members of the Bylaw committee and the Inspectors are part of the board members so every decision can be passed by them right away when they are made by the board.

20- Abdi suggested checking SIAP’s mail box ASAP for 2011 membership checks.

21- Abdi proposed that the head of each committee should make a report of the goals of their committee and to schedule a meeting among all committee members to get to know each other and be familiar of each committee’s goals.

Abdi will send an e-mail to all committee members to set up the head of the committee, their goals, to submit their report and provides them with a deadline.

– Only SIAP members can be a member of each committee. Non-members can only be the observers.

22- Shahram stated that in some committees members may say things that are secret and non-members should not take part.

23- Goli indicated that Education committee responsibilities are very broad and some responsibilities may be overlapping with other committees. For Example the certification for LEED may be part of Green committee or being an Education may be part of Education. The board suggested that in such cases the committees should coordinate.

– Abdi stated that Education committee may have its own sub-committees.

Also non-members can participate in brain storming to improve classes, to have a lecture for class attendants, lecture for SIAP or similar activities but cannot attend the classes.

– Mohammad Borghei stated that the Education committee by providing educational programs in relation to work can attracts young Architects of Architectural students. These programs could include sessions of how to obtain City approvals, How to find a job, how to prepare for an interview and other similar job preparation that could be taught by the more experienced Architects.

24- Iraj is the head of the “Outdoor Sketching” committee. This committee will go different places and sketches the buildings, monuments, landscapes, etc at each gathering. There will be no rewards for the participants.

25- Sima asked the committees to make sure each person has paid his or her membership fee before signing in each committee.

26- Hashem suggested to as discussed before to consider a discount for those with financial difficulties. Those members can also provide help to board or committees.

– Sima informed the board that some interested parties are waiting for board decisions about the discounts and prorated payments and the board should announce as soon as possible the terms and conditions,

– Per Bylaws the students pay half membership fee which is $60.00

27- Sima asked “what are the proposals of how to ask membership fees”. She stated that sending reminder letters are useless and we should ask them in person.

– Abdi agrees with Sima. This year’s Nowruz tickets like last year shall only be distributed to members for invitation and sale.

28- Sima suggested that at the beginning of each event the board members should do introduction and talk about SIAP.

This suggestion is opposed due to the fact that usually from 7:00 to 7:30 p.m. there is time to mingle and more talk will add to the lecture time.

End of Minutes. Submitted by M.E.