Board Meetings

2014 SIAP January Board Meeting

The following is the Minutes of SIAP Board of Directors’ meeting on 01/09/2014:

Meeting Date: Jan 09, 2014
Location: Colorado Center Community Room

Subject: 2014 SIAP January Board Meeting

Members present:

Present members:
· Ashraf Hemmati,
· Sima Haghighi,
· Azita Rezvan,
· yasmin Chghini,
· Iraj Yamin Esfandiary,
· Mohammad Gharavi,
· Shahram Shokoufandeh,
· Hashem Mojarrab,
· Hamidreza Dehghan,
· Abdi Ziai

Items discussed:

SIAP Board of Directors meeting, January 9, 2014.

Present members:
· Ashraf Hemmati,
· Sima Haghighi,
· Azita Rezvan,
· yasmin Chghini,
· Iraj Yamin Esfandiary,
· Mohammad Gharavi,
· Shahram Shokoufandeh,
· Hashem Mojarrab,
· Hamidreza Dehghan,
· Abdi Ziai

Ashraf chairs the meeting.
Meeting agendas:
Item no 1: election of secretary and treasurer:
Hashem and Ashraf explain the secretary duties, “keeping legal documents, elections results and board meeting minutes”:
Azita: also “safeguarding the corporation documents and transferring them to the next board” .
Hashem and Ashraf also explain the treasurer duties as:
“Financial oversee, check writings and transfer the info to accountant”.
Board members vote as follow:

Board selects Hamidreza as a treasurer with 4 votes
Board selects Yasmin as a secretary with 4 votes

Item no 2: Board rules and regulations
Shahram and Sima requested the rules and regulations to be established.
Mohammad and Iraj suggest existing rules to remain and amended in next meeting
(All board members agreed)

Item no 3: Membership dues

Shahram suggested that membership committee to review the issue and it bring back to board for approval.
(All board members agreed)

Item no. 4: 2014 strategies for SIAP activities
· shahram continued the discussion by going over his suggestion which were presented in series of tables and emphasized on variety of activities and how board should motivate and involve other members.
· Azita pointed out additional possibilities by improving professional networking and compared it to other similar organizations, emphasizing on networking as well as motivating not enforcing. She also proposed having a window on the website for “job listings” for best use of SIAP’s existing forces.
· Sima suggested that SIAP individual members should be introduced in SIAP events in order for the members to know each other’s professional capabilities and as such have a work related network and also have a reward committee for appreciating members’ works.
· Mohammad: there are different ideas on the subject as well as limitation of what we could do. Subjects like “educational services” professional networking, exchange of knowledge between members, “Job training” and ” Intern training” by members that have offices etc. Also it is a good idea to introduce new trends in architecture, as well as new laws and regulations for 10 minutes in each event) e.g. New ” City of Los Angeles bike ordinance” and “small lot subdivision” , PDF submitting process in different cities, easement for driveway, expected permit fees in different jurisdictions, code checklists, and variety of resources on technical issues.
· Hashem mentioned that committees are working well, they just need to set goals and suggested to have a window in the website where Mohammad could post the new codes and regulations and increase SIAP’s roll in sharing “Architectural knowledge”
· Iraj mentioned the importance of global vision that a window in a website can achieve. Thus it is important not to be only local and have a global presence. Also there should be a balance between professional and educational activities.
· Hamidreza proposed the Architectural awards as a larger scope of attracting Iranian architects and also facilitate the process of finding jobs and getting familiar with local codes for architects well arriving from Iran. The result being: SIAP becomes “home away from home” for those architects.
· Yasmin suggests stronger presence on the web and increase search ability, will put SIAP on the map.
· Then the questions about awards were brought up :
· Who can participate?
· Who can be a judge? Is it a critic or judgment?
· Shahram: we should create variety
· Ashraf: we should respect the quality, respect each other, be united and do something together.
· Hashem: in order to be recognized, we should “be” first. The potential is there, capability of a society is much more than the individual member. The website is getting more hits after being down for almost six months.
· Shahram: for being large, we need not to attack anyone, just let be and let respect presented ideas more. Our goals need work, we work, we learn, we transform and we transfer the knowledge.
· Hashem: Architects create and transform.
· Ashraf: let’s work together.
· Iraj: responding to Yasmin’s question, setting a rewarding and evolving path, needs an encouraging system like “awards” entries should be limited to works of SIAP all over the world and we should publicize the process with all possible means at our disposal, proving that SIAP could do this important task and create the visions and streamline the process.
· Mohammad: we are not a political party who follows certain strategies, conflicting ideas make us more powerful.
· Iraj: we try different approaches but each year we follow a certain direction.
· Shahram: that is exactly right and each year SIAP members will decide of that year’s direction.
· Iraj: SIAP board of directors should encourage the direction.
· Shahram: I believe in grassroots movement, we follow the directions of given path, as elected board, we should reflect the views of our constituency.

Item no. 5: SIAP committee rush.
· Ashraf: we should have our committees open house on January 23.
· Iraj: working committees is more important the numbers of committees.
· Abdi reads names of registered committees and their members.
· Shahram: getting to know and work with different members in committees is a blessing, non-profit organizations are organic bodies where movements take place.
· Iraj: do we have the movement indication?
· Ashraf: let’s finish the discussion and get to work.

Board Minutes prepared by: Abdi Ziai