Board Meetings

SIAP 2016 Jan Board meeting

The following is the Minutes of SIAP Board of Directors’ meeting on 01/07/2016:

Meeting Date: Jan 07, 2016
Location: Colorado Community Center

Subject: Meeting Minutes 1

Members present:

Board Members present:
Ailin Ghaemi
Soudeh Bangian
Nazanin Kargosha
Ehsan Jelveh Moghadam
Saman Zand Karimi
Amir Daghigh
Bijan Armandpour

Non Board Members:
Hamid Reza Dehghan
Abdi Ziai
Sima Haghighi
Ashraf Hemmati
Iraj Yamin-Esfandiary

Chair Person: Bijan Armandpour
Secretary: Ailin Ghaemi

Items discussed:

1. Quick review of SIAP activities in 2015:
a. Education group has been progressing as expected- Hamid Reza and Abdi will continue to run the study group
b. Bijan to follow up with SIAP involvement with AIA Provider program and renew membership
c. Book review has been successful and the board decide to continue with the concept
d. Presentation by member was encouraged to pursued in 2016
2. Set milestones for 2016 to achieve maximum improvement:
a. Conduct two events per month if possible
b. Invite AIA members to events where AIA Continuing Education Units will be credited thru our Provider certification
3. Reassign members to follow Nowruz event details. A 2 week deadline was set and agreed;
4. Bijan discussed the fund raising issue and suggested that all board member to introduce at least one interested entity in the year 2016;
5. Bijan recommended that Outreach Committee to collaborate with Event Committee for future programs;
6. Members present at the meeting should communicate among each other in order to provide interesting topics/material for website posting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.