Board Meetings

2014 SIAP February Board Meeting

The following is the Minutes of SIAP Board of Directors’ meeting on 02/13/2014:

Meeting Date: Feb 13, 2014
Location: Colorado Center Community Room

Subject: 2014 SIAP February Board Meeting

Members present:

Board Members present:

Mohammad Gharavi
Ashraf Hemmati
Abdi Ziaee
Yasmin Chegini
Shahram Shokoofandeh
Hamid Reza Dehghan

Non Board Members present:

Azita Rezvan
Hashem Modjarab
Sima Haghighi

Chair Person: Mohammad Gharavi
Secretory: Yasmin Chegini

Items discussed:

1- Board agreement for board and committees meeting:
Rules and Regulation of 2013 remain for 2014

2- New ideas for fundraising:
Since there was no specific suggestion, the discussion was shortened and Shahram shokoofandeh accepted to be responsible for fundraising new ideas.

3- Make a decision to fix the problem of our web site and adding windows for some new activities: Discussion on limitation to the SIAP website access and new windows was postponed to the time that the website committee proposes its suggestions to the board. However the board approved the 2013 board agreement on dedicating money to hire a professional for the website problems.

4- Board agreement for membership due, Iranian members, distance members, website ads fee:
– Membership fees approved same as 2013 (Annual Membership Dues for all MEMBERS is $120)
– Annual membership dues for architecture and planning students $60
– Free membership for architects and planners from Iran
– Offering a full membership due waiver to those young architects and planners who have recently arrived from Iran and whose circumstances have resulted in a significant financial hardship. The waiver is conditional on the committee/s report of these members’ participation and activates.
– Website advertisement fees. Member $100 and non-member $200

5- Nowrouz event location and date:
Nourooz party date and place was postponed to allow the Nourooz committee works on details.

6- Since the 2013 treasurer was absent, the details on transferring SIAP financials activities were not discussed. The board agreed that two board members, president (Ashraf Hemmati) and treasurer (Hamid reza Dehghan) have the recognition by bank to sign SIAP checks

7- Updating 2014 Committees, members, and summery of activities on the website.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.