Board Meetings

2013 SIAP August Board Meeting

The following is the Minutes of SIAP Board of Directors’ meeting on 08/08/2013:

Meeting Date: Aug 08, 2013
Location: Yahoo Center Community Room

Subject: 2013 SIAP August Board Meeting

Members present:

Azita Rezvan, Ashraf Hemati, Iraj Yamin Esfandiari, Nooshin Akbarpour, Zohreh Sadeghi, Sima Haghighi, Hashem Modjarrab, Abdi Ziai, HamidReza Dehghan

Meeting Chair: Ashraf Hemati
Meeting Secretary: Azita Rezvan

Items discussed:

The following is the Minutes of SIAP Board of Directors’ meeting on 08/08/2013:

Agenda items in order of discussion were as follows:
1- Membership committee final report on members and application and suggestion for welcome package
Since the application wasn’t ready it was postponed to be discussed in the next meeting. There were different suggestions for the welcome package if it should be sent by mail or as an email. It was discussed that even though the bylaw is available on the website but a copy that highlights some of key points is more practical. That was suggested that membership committee prepares a welcome letter and it could include some of the bylaw lines.
Iraj suggested a membership card while we could get some discount from restaurants or other places will be interesting. He was assigned to follow the potential benefits that a card could carry and reports back to the board.
A name tag to be carried by members in meetings also suggested since the plastic cover is already ready; preparing the name tag would be easy. The name tags also can be saved at the projector’s bag and members don’t need to carry them every time. HamidReza suggested that he could help to make them.
Sima suggested a few words at the beginning of every meeting about the SIAP to be said. She also asked everyone signs up the meeting sheet. Nooshin suggested assigning someone at the door to welcome people.
2- Hashem report on state tax forms and application
Hashem reported that the city tax is waved, the state tax is clear, but since federal tax hasn’t been paid since 2006, it needs an accountant. Hashem hopes to file it in this stage by himself however he believes that SIAP needs an accountant. He was assigned to follow the case with an accountant and report it back to the SIAP board next meeting.
There was a suggestion by Nooshin about the SIAP PO Box. It’s now located at west LA and since Majid has left the area, she suggested getting another PO Box in the city of Santa Monica. Since Hashem is in charge of checking the PO Box, it would be on him to move it to somewhere else or not.

3- Event committee Report on coming events (Dinner with SIAP invitation)
For the Dinner with SIAP Azita assigned to send the invitations by Evite and it would be hold at the last September Thursday. Another event might be by Talin Gerigor on the “Politic of Space” Oct or Nov. 18 of Nov is the SIAP election. Iraj also will have a lecture for SIAP.

4- Website Committee report
The most Important things about the Website now that it’s working, is finding article and interesting info. Iraj asked to have three people getting involved at the article selecting/writing. However it was agreed that everyone send 2 article to Iraj for the website.

5 Sketch Committee report
Sketch Committee scheduled its next meeting for August 18

6-“Art Sale” window on website for fundraising
It was postponed for the next meeting
The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm