Board Meetings

SIAP Special Members Meeting

The following is the Minutes of SIAP Board of Directors’ meeting on 08/04/2016:

Meeting Date: Aug 04, 2016
Location: Yahoo center

Subject: SIAP Bylaws Amendment vore

Members present:

59 members (including proxy voters)

Items discussed:

Dear SIAP members,

Below is a result for the SIAP Special Meeting on August 4th, 2016.

According to Paragraph 5.9.3 of SIAP Bylaws approval of two-third of quorum of SIAP members through member’s special meeting is required. 59 members cast their votes thus 40 yes-vote constitutes approval of the items on the ballot. As a result, none of the items on the ballot was approved.

Best Regards,
2016 SIAP Board of Director

Special Members Meeting