Board Meetings

SIAP 2016 April Board meeting

The following is the Minutes of SIAP Board of Directors’ meeting on 04/14/2016:

Meeting Date: Apr 14, 2016
Location: Colorado Center Community Room

Subject: Meeting Minutes 4

Members present:

Board Members present:
Ailin Ghaemi
Nazanin Kargosha
Soudeh Bangian
Mehdi Rezvan
Ehsan Jelveh Moghadam
Amir Daghigh
Bijan Armandpour

Non Board Members:
Sima Haghighi
Mohammad Behboudi

Chair Person: Bijan Armandpour
Secretary: Ailin Ghaemi

Items discussed:

1. April 21st event with Ehsan’s friend/scholar, April 28th Presentation/Lecture by ORCO (CMU). My 5th event with Gary McGavin (Earthquake), May 26th presentation by Nazanin Kargosha, and June 2nd presentation by Wausau Tile.
– Flyers to be prepared by Mehdi and Ehsan,

2. Website final discussion to select the designer
– The 3 proposals by different designers that have been contacted were reviewed and the designer recommended by Pouya was selected as finalist,
– Website design details that have been reviewed with Majid Falamaki were discussed to be incorporated into the final design.

3. SIAP name modification that had been proposed by Bijan was discussed among the members.
 Bijan indicated his reasons for the modification:
– We are alienating ourselves with being different than all other similar organizations;
– We are creating confusion regarding the locality of our organization. Lack of locality implies lesser presence;
– Establish professional relationship with similar organizations;
– All similar organizations are either established by American entities or other entities with names including “American”;
– SIAP Bylaws is written in accordance with State and Federal laws and established as an organization here in America benefitting from all of its privileges without paying taxes;
– Receive grants from private foundations and the government;
– Changing the name of an organization will not affect its goals and objects.

 All Board Members and Non Board Members indicated that it would be advantageous to modify the name to Society of Iranian American Architects & Planners (“SIAP”)
 Ehsan suggested the acronym to be SIAAP
 Other members agreed not to change the existing acronym of SIAP.

– The motion for approving the proposed name modification was seconded by all members.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.