Board Meetings

2013 SIAP April Board Meeting

The following is the Minutes of SIAP Board of Directors’ meeting on 04/11/2013:

Meeting Date: Apr 11, 2013
Location: Yahoo Center Community Room

Subject: 2013 SIAP April Board Meeting

Members present:

Azita Rezvan, Ashraf Hemati, Nooshin Akbarpour, Iraj Yamin-Esfandiary, Majid Falamaki, Sima Haghighi, Hashem Modjarrab, Shahram Shokufandeh, Bijan Armandpour

Meeting Chair: Iraj Yamin-Esfandiary
Meeting Secretary: Azita Rezvan

Items discussed:

Items discussed:

Agenda items in order of discussion were as follow:
1- 1-Membership Committee report
The members of the SIAP to the date are 29. It was suggested to send a letter to all current and former members and ask them to renew their membership, if they haven’t already. It was appointed as membership committee job to work on the email and also every year after the new board while introducing themselves send the email as a reminder to members.
The membership committee also was appointed to work on the application to make it simpler and report it for the next board meeting.
2- Since the event committee report on the scheduled events was not ready, the committee appointed to have the report ready for the next meeting.
3- Radio Iran ad was discussed and a report of it by Azita who was following. The AIA connection and be an event provider was appointed to be followed by the outreach committee.
4- It was suggested that all SIAP events be recorded. Since recording some of important ones such as Dr Falamaki by an specialist is expensive, providing a camera was one of the suggestion. However since the SIAP budget was not clear, it was postponed to the next meeting to see if the SIAP budget make it possible. The treasurer was appointed to prepare a budget report for the next meeting.
5- Nowruz Party Committee reported on expenses. 135 tickets was sold and 1500$ sponsorship made 9600$ for the party and the expenses were 8900$.
There were some comments on the party. All agreed on the place and that was a happy event. The suggestions for the next year were: furniture was more than enough, slides were not new, the arrangement of DJ next to the buffet made that spot crowded and other corners dark and empty.
6- Majid discussed and suggested that more members should get involved in the SIAP website.