SIAP Presents: 

A Discussion on “Tradition and Postmodernism”

Moderated by: Mo Borghei, AIA
Participants:     Iraj Yamin-Esfandiary
                        Shahram Shokoufandeh, AIA
                        S. Mehdi Rezvan


In the light of the last session discussing “Traditional Space & Architecture” in May 2018 and with respect to comments from SIAP members to extend our discussion over the subject, the event committee hereby would like to invite all members and interested individuals attend / participate in the second session focusing on “Tradition & Postmodernism” which will take place on August 30, 2018 as SIAP monthly event.

Iraj Yamin-Esfandiary
Graduated from University of Tehran, Faculty of Fine Arts, School of Architecture and received the degree of Master of Architecture in 1974.
Studied Urban Design at UCLA, School of Architecture and Urban Planning and received Master Degree in 1980, when awarded for the best Design Project of the year.
Worked as a partner/designer with Orbis Architects on various building projects in Iran from 1969 to 1976.
Worked as a designer/renderer on a vast variety of building projects in Los Angeles, California since 1980.

Mo Borghei, AIA, SIAP
Principal partner of ARCHI10, Inc. and responsible for the firm’s project design and management. Mo Borghei with over thirty
years of practicing in the field of architecture, has gained extensive experience as project architect, designer, and project manager for large scale residential, commercial, professional office, retail, institutional, mixed use, recreational park, and governmental projects in California, Canada and Iran. As a senior project designer and associate close to ten years with The Nadel Partnership, Inc., an illustrious architectural firm in Los Angeles, Mo Borghei furthered his professional capabilities and talents with designing monumental architectural projects characterized by the firm’s award winning designs. He has also enjoyed working very closely with Rafii Architects in Vancouver, Canada as Senior Design Partner for many large-scale award winning monumental projects during the past twenty five years.

Shahram Shokoufandeh, AIA, SIAP
Mr. Shokoufandeh began his career in his native Iran. After obtaining his architecture degree from the National University of Iran, he spent the 1970s designing properties that ranged from university campuses and laboratories to a wide range of residential and business properties. After moving to the United States during the early 1980s, he began a decade’s long career building a wide range of private properties, around the Greater Los Angeles area. Mr. Shokoufandeh believes that Architecture is defined by a conflicting relationship between abstraction and representation; an architectural design with apparent surface abstraction must possess a deep representational value. Abstraction is an aesthetic based on clarity of logic and representation is concerned with all historic, cultural, climatic, topographical, urban and living conditions. He also greatly emphasizes the importance of the relation of nature to Architecture, a concept which characterizes his work.

Mahdi Rezvan
Graduated with Master Degree in Architecture from Iran University of Science & Technology in 2001
Taught architecture at Azad University of Tehran and Azad University of Shahriar
Worked with Naghsh E Jahan Pars consultant
Co-founder and managing director of NianMehr Consultants
Worked with Archi10 Inc and Labyrinth design studio
Currently with Bijan & Associates as Project Manager
Served as a member of Board of Directors of SIAP at 2016

The Presentation will be in Farsi.

Please mark your calendars for this event on:
Thursday, August  30th  , 2018 @ 7:00 pm
Colorado Center Community Room