Name: Diyar Media Studio

Location: No. 304, 3nd Floor, No. 252, After Yaser Cross, Shahid Bahonar St., Tehran, Iran

Architecture Firm: .ReNa. Design

Architecture in Charge: Reza Najafian

Design Team: Maryam Najafian,Mina Nazmjou, Ehsan Marvi, Mohamad Hosein Hamzehlouei, Sahel NabiPour,

Mina Mehrdad,

Construction Method Design: Reza Najafian

Construction Manager: Saeed Toodehfallah

Construction Team: Ehsan Marvi, Sobhan Naraghi, Hamid Haji Rezaee, Amirpasha Ardam

Time Period: 63 Days

Area: 145 sqm

Date: March 2013

Building Type: Interior Design

Photographers: Reza Najafian

Client : Ehsan Delaviz


  • 1st place in Iranian interior design national competition, in Office building category,Architecture & Construction Magazine- 2014
  • 1st place in biennial Architecture and Interior design competition, in Office building category, Honar-o- Memari Magazine- 2014

A Holistic picture based on a noetic dream of the artist and fond client of Iranian Ornaments; contemporary expression of array use in our past architectural visual culture have formed the foundation for a monolithic, dynamic, fluid and elegant membrane on the disharmonic and inappropriate current autopsy. Where it is supposed to host special characters usually Iranian media artists.

Intuitive peace matched up with visual excitement and simplicity of environment despite the complexity of the geometries has happened to create a great environmental experience both for the client and the attendants. Derived forms from the masterpieces of past architects and work masters have been combined with fresh and contemporary design and technology.

Special attention to details in all aspects had been highly expected. Therefore, aesthetics, functionality and facilities has been dealt with particular delicacy. This has been gone as far as designing tiniest structural elements, for instance; air conditioner panels have been uniquely designed to follow the algorithm of the whole architecture. Natural and artificial light play a vital role in the quality of the project and the exuberance in lighting would answer the user’s expectations.  Flooring correspondence to user’s sense of tactile would emphasise on the feeling of sincerity and perception of friendliness in the chat room.

Project Construction has happened within 63 days on a full 24 hours basis, from the early stages of existing status destruction to key return. Fake ceilings, suspended partitions and partially walls are made of Knauf plaster panels with metal chassis. Walls with parametric panels are made of 220 dense XPS and EPS milled pieces in different sizes, montaged and assembled on site. Proceeding to obtain an appropriate hardness a cover of cement based coating was sprayed. After full drought; sanding and burnishing has been done with a special primer and a finishing of plaster was added on the surface. Final colour coating is a finishing of polyurethane and black/white dye, which has added to the attraction of the sidewalls.

Subspace arrangements, furnishing and facilitating has been flexibly designed, concerning client needs and according to consultant (.ReNa.) proposal for prospective requirements. Sitting ledges, worktables and other furniture has been designed or opted according to other elements of the architecture. Their translucency also help their float and settlement in the space in a way that the user can benefit subtle sound & visual system the most.

Source: CAOI
Images: Courtesy of CAOI

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