Design Competition: Tabriz Metro Station

فراخوان مسابقۀ طراحی داخلی و طراحی ورودی های ایستگاه های متروی تبریز
مسابقۀ دوم: ایستگاه شمارۀ 11، ایستگاه میدان ساعت
مرداد – آبان 95


Tabriz Urban Railway Organization which is in charge of design, implementation and operation of Tabriz metro network, seeks to enjoy new ideas and international experiences aiming at improving the spatial quality of stations. Holding competitions is one of the policies of this organization to achieve the said goal. The competition of interior and entrance design of station No. 11 (Saat Square) is going to be held in parallel with this policy and as the second competition of the series of competitions. The holder of competition believes in creative thinking, design-based ideation and professional responsibilities. It holds this competition within the framework of the following values:

Holding a Transparent, ethical and competitive contest;
Addressing new ideas and international and professional experiences;
Addressing human and social aspects of public buildings;
Addressing the conditions of feeble, disabled and old citizens.

Competition Goals

The competition is a suitable ground to provide strategies for qualitative promotion and facing with obvious and hidden challenges and needs of station No. 11 through participation of specialized and professional community in the structure of projects. To achieve this goal, the followings should be addressed:

An effective connection between the station and city and its association with urban space;
Formation of spatial character of station;
Realization of design strategies and ideas;
A design based on accurate and inclusive review of social, human and technical aspect of the station

Competition Procedure

Competition of interior and entrance design of station No. 11 is a free and single-stage competition which is held on an international basis.

Competition Elements

Tabriz Urban Railway Organization is the client and holds the competition. The competition has been organized by Emarat-e-Khorshid Consultant Engineers Company. Mr. Kamran Dehghan is the manager of competition. Competition secretariat in collaboration with the jury members and a group of advisors attempts to hold a transparent, ethical and effective competition.

Competition Subject

Competition subject of includes offering a proposal for station 11, line 1 of Tabriz urban train (Saat Square) which covers the following two axial subjects:

Design of station entrances
Design and interior architecture of the station

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