Mailing Address:

Society of Iranian Architects & Planners
P.O. Box 643066
Los Angeles, CA 90064, USA


Society of Iranian Architects & Planners is a non-profit organization under section 501(a) of the internal Revenue Code and established in June 1998 with a large group of Iranian Architects and Planners in Los Angeles.

SIAP is a non-political organization and its object is to organize and unite in fellowship the Iranian graduates in the field of architecture, planning, interior, design, and landscape architecture; to promote the cultural, scientific, and professional aspects of their fields; to encourage members to develop and advance their skills and abilities in their profession; to provide means of communication for coordination of mutual professional and cultural relationship with similar Iranian organization around the globe; to promote professional services within Iranian community; and to establish professional relationship with similar organizations.

Two ways that you can promote yourself or/and your company on SIAP website. Please contact the related persons for sending your information or if you have any question.

1-Siap members page (only for members and is free):
Including a short bio (not more than 200 words), personal picture, four pictures of your projects, and a link to your website

2- Siap Sponsor ads (for all building and planning related business and discount for Siap members)
Including a picture on the Siap website first page that link to your or our your business website.

3- Siap Account Payable 
information regarding your membership or any other dues can be requested from our Accounting Desk .