Mark Vaghei Page

Project: atelier V, Inc. offices
Location: Irvine, California
Area: 2,700 sf.
Cost: $31/sf
Materials: Steel, Glass, Drywall, Carpet, Terrazzo

Architect: arelier V architecture , Beverly Hills, CA
Principal Designer: Mark Vaghei AIA
Award: AIA Honor Award 1996 ,Orange County Chapter

Atelier V corporate offices in Irvine, CA are a true example of an architecture carefully balancing aesthetics, program, cost and schedule to achieve a superior product. Taking advantage of a 2,700 sf oddly configured ground floor lease space, early on in the design process, it was decided that the space would house two distinct zones, one which would serve the executive needs comprising of three private offices, and a large secretarial/reception zone, and one consisting of a large uninterrupted studio. Carved out of the remaining space in the core of the building would be 2 conference rooms, a small kitchen and a xerox/storage room. The concept demonstrates that when skillfully handled, a small space can appear and feel a lot larger. A simple 10 degree rotation in the plan enabled atelier V to create more efficiently usable private offices and turn an otherwise long and narrow exit corridor into an effective gallery showcasing the firm's work. Working to a tight budget, glass, wood, and steel were used to highlight focal points such as the reception and the conference rooms.

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